Holy cow, guys! More comics! As you can tell from looking at my tumblr, I looooooove to draw comics!

Well, for the last 11 years I’ve been self publishing them and sharing them online, but for the last few months I’ve been pouring over all comics of the last 11 years and now I’m ready to share them with the world in a way that I’ve never done before! In an awesome book I’m calling, “Skidmarks”!

So today I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to try and raise awareness, interest and most importantly, the funds necessary to publish these silly (yet very personal and objectively awesome) comics I’ve done over the years.

Check it out!

It’d mean the world to me if you’d spread the word by simply clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons on the page in that link (beneath the video). Just two clicks makes a HUGE difference!!


Dudes and Dutchesses, I will be gracing the magnificent Black Cat Comics in Salt Lake City with my presence this Saturday, May 5th for Free Comic Book Day!I will be signing, sketching and cavorting with my good buddy Ryan Ottley

I will also have some goodies for you! I’m gonna have a bunch of free comics, and prints for half off (or more if I’m feeling generous), but the coup de grace is this: If you spend $50 on Black Cat merchandise, I’ll give you a free copy of my 300 page minicomic collection, Skidmarks! Yup, spend $50 and you get a free $20 book! So clean out your hold, buy some back issues, splurge on that oversized hardcover you’ve always wanted and I’ll reward your patronage with MORE COMICS!

It’s gonna be a fun day, so come on out and bring the kids! …or not. Either way, it’ll be a blast!

Saturday, MAY 5th from 11-2 at BLACK CAT COMICS in Sugarhouse

2265 Highland Drive  Salt Lake City, UT 84106

(801) 461-4228

I bought all of the Halfshell Heroes the other day “for my son” (who is barely one year old) and my 3 year old daughter actually really liked them, so instead of having her play with them in her dollhouse that I made in very similar fashion (I let her color all the drawings on her dollhouse though), I decided to create my very own version of the Turtles lair. Enjoy!

IMG_2826Here’s the main shot of the whole thing. You can’t see it, but Shredder is standing on top of a trap door that has a slide that drops people into the dungeon below.

IMG_2827 I made a little workshop area for Raph to work on his bike or Donnie to experiment on various inventions, and you can see a nice shot of Mikey doing some halfpipe tricks in his sleeping quarters. Leatherhead stands in the kitchen, wondering who’s gonna make him a frozen pizza.



Leo faces off against a Foot Clan member in the dojo, their make-shift practice dummy is obstructed by Metalhead. I think I’m gonna draw out a section of traditional tatami mats and glue it over the regular brick pattern on this area.


Donnie and Casey enjoy some arcade games. What fun is a teenage hideout if there aren’t any video games. My comic books, “Pirate Club” and “Gamma Rae” serving as the fictional arcade game’s subjects.


Mikey contemplates releasing Dogpound from the dungeon while taking a skateboarding break.


April takes a nap on the bed while Raph tries to figure out the microwave and Donnie contemplates eating the floor Pizza.

All in all, this thing took me about 6 hours to design, cut-out, draw, color (with my daughter’s crayons) and hot glue over the course of 3 nights after I’d put the kids to bed. My daughter had fun waking up to each day’s progression and really lit up when I completed the trap door and chute to the dungeon on the last day. Although I could have done some freelance illustration/animation work and earned a lot more money than it would take to buy the proper sewer playset in half the time, this was a really fun quick project that was oddly relaxing and rewarding. Maybe I’ll build more onto it in the future…


SKID MARKS: MINI COMIC COLLECTION is finally available to order! This giant 300 page book collects 16 out of print, rare and unpublished mini comics in one book…all for $20! Yes, 300 black and white (and some full color) pages for $20. To me, mini comics are the equivalent of a garage demo of your favorite band; a little rough around the edges. But while mini comics are often less polished than their creator’s pro-comic efforts, the raw energy and often hurried nature of their production only serves to amplify the artist’s emotional connection to the stories within. And I am connected to these stories. These stories show me at my best, my rawest and when I’ve had the most fun telling stories.

Some of the stories include: The long out of print Pirate Club handbook, Skid Marks issues 1 and 2, Pirate Club: The Legend of Bluedick’s Ghost, and unpublished promotional mini comic from the unfinished OGN “Manny Golden is: Grounded in Space“, All of my 24 Hour Comic Book Day Stories (even the unfinished efforts) and MORE! Also, each story is preceded by a brief “commentary track” to give you an inside look at the story behind the story.

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Pirate Club: Brainwash Escape Victims Vol.2 144pp

Concluding this account of the Pirate Club’s first adventure gone wrong, our heroes must face off against the toughest of clubs, the most evil of villains, the monsters of their nightmares, and perhaps… each other.Pirate Club: Brainwash Escape Victims vol.2 (SLG)Issues 6-10 of the SLG series, collected here, along with many more mini comics not seen in the original issues.

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Lobster Ladd & Cosmic Jones Beach BBQ Blast-Off!

Story and art by Derek Hunter and Shane Hillman
40 pages. 5” x 4”. FULL COLOR interior, glossy color cover.

Join Lobster Ladd and Cosmic Jones in a battle against the terrors of the ocean deep!  Battling against rotting pirate corpses, tentacled beasts, shark men and the terrible King Ocean, will Lobster Ladd and Cosmic Jones survive to fight another day?  Can they stop these evil doers from an earthly invasion?  Will this battle ruin their summer BBQ?  Find out in this 40 page, FULL COLOR illustrated behemoth!

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Pirate Club: Brainwash Escape Victims Vol.1 144pp B&W

Don’t Miss out on the first recorded account of these trouble-making adventure seekers! Not content to sit home all day and watch TV, or play video games, John, Bearclaw, Bat and Mike search for adventure, hidden treasure, rival clubs, and surburban battlegrounds, only to find trouble at every turn.Pirate Club: Brainwash Escape Victims vol. 1 (SLG) Issues 1-5 of the SLG series, collected here, along with many more mini comics not seen in the original issues.

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Derek Hunter is a F**k

38 pages. 5.5” x 8.5”. b/w interior, glossy color cover.“Derek Hunter is a F**k” is a collection of ANTIbiographical stories designed to make him look bad. Whether it’s a story about mistreating old girlfriends, roommates or innocent bystanders, Derek Hunter proves that he has nothing to prove in this mini comic containing 5 short stories of pure post-adolescent debauchery.Don’t hate Derek Hunter, after all…we’ve all got stories we secretly love to be embarassed about… Right?



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Ok, I’ve been gone a while and you deserve an update.

Pirate Club, for now, is on hiatus. I know, it’s a bummer cause we’re right in the middle of a story, but I wanna be honest with you…my loyal readers. Cause I love you. But…there just aren’t that many of you. I know that seems like a shitty reason to stop a book, and that’s not the only reason, but I have so many other stories I wanna explore, and I’ve been doing Pirate Club on and off for 8 years! I need a fresh start. Fresh stories and fresh characters. I have a new OGN I’m working on, and I still want to produce new mini comics to sell at conventions and through mail order.

SO! Now that I am not updating this site regularly you can find me over at doing sketches, selling prints and comics and whatever.  I also have an online store where you can find all of my newest creations for sale! And we’re having a black Friday sale tomorrow (and possibly longer…) 50% off your whole order when you input the code: “blackfriday” at check out.

Thanks for your support, I’ll finish posting the old SLG series in its entirety and some other goodies as well.  And please, keep up with my other goings on at derekdraws!