Salt Lake City’s finest comic creators are coming to San Francisco this weekend for the Alternative Press Expo (APE) under their new brand, “Totally Rad Comics”!  I’m really excited to announce that things are coming along on getting SLC’s comic scene more unified and I am publishing books from 3 SLC comic creators for sale at the show and releasing them through SLC’s minicomic collective, Totally Rad Comics!  We’ll be at booth 554 with new comics from myself, Shane Hillman, Tim Odland and of course, my lovely wife, Rachel Hunter.  We are really excited to go to APE, a convention that has always been good to me in the past, and one that I love going to because I get to see so many old friends.

Plus, let’s face it…there is something magical about small press comics.  We’re a niche, of a niche, of a niche and there’s always such a wide variety of books to sink your teeth into that you never know what you’ll come back with.  Good or bad, the comics one finds at APE are made with a passion that is immediately recognizable, and that’s what I love about the show, and why I’m so excited to be going with my friends as our own little “company”.  So please, humor me and stop by, cause I’m super excited and want to meet all of you!  Here’s a sampling of some of the new books we’ll have available!

1: “Lobster Ladd and Cosmic Jones: Beach BBQ Blast-Off!” A collaboration between me and Shane Hillman, this all ages adventure book is a steal at $5 for 40 pages of full color action! (more info)

2: The FOURTH PRINTING of “Derek Hunter is a F**k” will be available at the convention!  After 3 runs of this bad boy, I’m bringing it to APE with an upgrade…magazine paper stock for the guts and the cover.  WooOOooo.  Totally Rad Comics is not skimping on quality here, folks! (more info)

3: “Rascal the Adventurer” was my 24 hr. comic of 2010 and it came out beautifully!  A great adventure tale for youngsters!  We’ve printed 100 of these and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

4: “Happy Man: The Evil Mister Trixter Strikes!”  This comic I did for a young boy in Salt Lake City in association with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and will given to anyone who comes to the booth with a donation for the Make-a-Wish foundation.  Donations large or small make a difference!

5: “The Dream” is a mini comic Rachel Hunter did, detailing a dream in which she battles a horde of zombies!  8 pages and a full color cover for $1?  You can’t go wrong!  Also, it’s totally awesome…I’ll just say, only a girl could make a comic about a zombie dream that ends the way this one does.

6: “Midsummer’s Nightmare”  Rachel’s 24 hr. comic from 2009 is a love story with boobs, blood and beasts!  All of the elements necessary for any good horror/romance mini comic.

7: “Curse of the Raven” is Tim Odland’s comic about Zombies, Cowboys and the American Indians of the Wild, Wild West.  There were Zombies there, right…?

And that’s not even all of the comics that will be available!  Shane will have his Daily Monsters Book, Tim will also come equipped with his comic, “Mad Monkey”, and I’ll be bringing a smattering of Pirate Club books and PrintCutPlay prints for the starving masses!

Come by the booth and come often…you never know what deals we may have going on throughout the weekend…

REMEMBER!  Alternative Press Expo.  San Francisco! Totally Rad Comics booth 554! Derek! Rachel! Shane! Tim!

See you there!

I made this comic through my work and Make-a-Wish foundation for a young boy in town. It was a great experience to meet with, and work with him in coming up with a character and story that would best fulfill his wish to become a “real superhero”. It was an experience I can’t really put into words, so here is the comic:

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WILL BE APPEARING ON SEPTEMBER 18 (This Saturday, ladies)
3300 S. 2043 E.


Come join me and get some free sketches, pick up your copy of “Derek Hunter is a F**k” and maybe buy a print or two!

See ya there!