More Sketches!

It’s been a while, but I’m back! I’ve been busy with comic and cartoon making and it’s all stuff I can’t show you yet…this is the worst part of “arting”, doing secret stuff that you can’t show, thus making me worry that you all think I’m slackin on ya!


I spent the weekend drawing with tons of artists and we (of course) talked about our babies: our art supplies. Finding exciting new art supplies is one of an artists favorite things and it gets even better when you are the owner of the best new pen at “show and tell”. I let a few people use my new brush at Comic Con this last weekend and while I told them I’d e-mail a link to the brush they drooled over, I figured I’d also share my new baby with the rest of y’all! I used to be a devout Pentel Pocketbrush user, but this new Kuretake (while more expensive) is much better and worth the added price. Check it out and have fun.

So, I’ve been working on Adventure Time since September of last year as a background designer, and the shows I worked on are finally starting to air! What does that mean? It means I can start posting the work I’ve done. The season premiere of season 4, “Hot to the Touch” was my first episode and I only did a few backgrounds. Here are a couple of them for you to enjoy.

The episode’s background designers were ghostshrimp, Santino Lascano, and myself. The painters were Martin Ansolabehere, Sandra Calleros, and Ron Russell. The show’s art director is Nick Jennings.


A long time Pirate Club fan asked me to draw a tattoo of his wife fighting zombies to go on his forearm and when I drew her on top of a Semi to give a more vertical design, he said, “Make that semi Optimus Prime!” I like how this turned out a lot.

Here’s the process just for fun.

Started this drawing a couple weeks ago and wasn’t happy with where it was going. Decided to revisit it today after getting some freelance done and I’m pretty happy with the decision. Drew this because I know this will happen one day or another with my little girl…the dogs already are so confused with what toys are theirs and which are hers. She’s just not old enough to care yet.

One of my buddies was drawing 90’s comic fave, PITT at Draw Night and I decided to do my own take on the character as well. I loved the comics of the 90’s. But seriously Pitt, all those chains… you’re really gonna hurt that Timmy kid you’re always hangin out with.

Drive was EASILY the best movie I saw in 2011 and I’ve been wanting to sketch up a tribute for a long time now. Well, after seeing it again this week, and having my wife talk endlessly about how great it was, I figured the time was now. Here’s your boyfriend, Rachel. Here he is.