Ok, I’ve been gone a while and you deserve an update.

Pirate Club, for now, is on hiatus. I know, it’s a bummer cause we’re right in the middle of a story, but I wanna be honest with you…my loyal readers. Cause I love you. But…there just aren’t that many of you. I know that seems like a shitty reason to stop a book, and that’s not the only reason, but I have so many other stories I wanna explore, and I’ve been doing Pirate Club on and off for 8 years! I need a fresh start. Fresh stories and fresh characters. I have a new OGN I’m working on, and I still want to produce new mini comics to sell at conventions and through mail order.

SO! Now that I am not updating this site regularly you can find me over at derekdraws.com doing sketches, selling prints and comics and whatever.  I also have an online store where you can find all of my newest creations for sale! And we’re having a black Friday sale tomorrow (and possibly longer…) 50% off your whole order when you input the code: “blackfriday” at check out.

Thanks for your support, I’ll finish posting the old SLG series in its entirety and some other goodies as well.  And please, keep up with my other goings on at derekdraws!

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2 Responses to Sigh…

  1. ToMASSACRE says:

    This is a sad day. =[

  2. andrew says:

    no worries, just so long as you keep making [any] comics then we’ll survive 😉

    I’m stoked to see what kind of projects you’ll bust out with if you’re not doing Pirate Club!

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