Ok, here’s the new one! My favorite video game series of all time, The Legend of Zelda! I loved, loved, LOVED this game as a kid, I played it for hours and hours, finding all the hidden doors, and heart pieces. My Dad actually bought this game for one of his dental assistant’s kid who was in a body cast after a bad skiing accident, and I was so jealous that this kid got the game before I did! My Mom and Dad even took me with them to pick the games out to make sure the kid had some good games to play while he was in the hospital. I would like to say I didn’t make a fuss, asking my Dad to buy it for me too, but that’s most likely not the case, as I got the game a few months later. I still play this game frequently, and get excited for every new Zelda game, no matter how similar they all seem to be to each other. GO ZELDA!

Also, I forgot to subtitle this one…oh, well.

Miniature printable version available on my flickr site. Full size version for sale in the STORE!

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