I did this Pirate Club story to round out the next issue of Skid Marks and I love how it turned out! I’d never done a color story before, so it was really cool seeing the old gang’s adventures in color. So without further ado, let’s see how the Pirate Club handles a threat from a local fraternity…

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3 Responses to Pirate Club: Frat Boys

  1. Chadtownsend says:

    Till I saw that the frat boys had the hostage, I thought it was the pirate club that had the hostage.

    It would make sense for a first time reader like myself if the first paragraph would say dear pirate club dickheads.

    Great art and storytelling

  2. Ska wank says:

    clever non-generic positive comment, followed by clicking the “like” button. Now a bunch of these !!!!!!

  3. Capt. Derek says:

    Shawn, you’re a dear! Glad you like it enough to not be generic!

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