Here are 3 pieces I did for the 3NES show at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Like most of the other creative professionals in my generation, our Nintendo’s were a HUGE source of inspiration and creative fuel. I spent hours upon hours finding every secret passageway in Zelda, stomping every Goomba in Super Mario Brothers, and trying to make it to Mother Brain without getting stuck in the lava with a Metroid on my head.

These games opened new worlds for me and opened my eyes to all of the little details that go into the creation of these worlds that make them seem so real, which then led me to my current position as a background designer on one of the most world-buildingest shows of all time: Adventure Time.

I will never agree with people who say playing video games is a complete waste of time…playing games made me want to be more creative. Playing games made me appreciate art on a level I never had before. Thank you, games.

Prints will be for sale starting Sept 7th on the Bottleneck Gallery website.

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