Hey guys and gals! Here’s a huge sketch dump for y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve done any real pop culture dumps, and some of these choices may seem a little weird, but when I’m scribbling on a paper and a shape catches my eye…I go with it. It’s the only way to explain how Rambo got in here. The grizzled madman lept out of my hurried doodles despite my own surprise, “Am I really doing Rambo fanart?” Yes. I did. Check out my store to purchase the original sketches!invincible_battlebeast chapel_sketch rambo_sketch alien_sketch starfire_sketch liono_sketch elektra_sketch

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2 Responses to Sketch Dump!

  1. Julian says:

    So i have been drawing comics in empty composition notebooks as a hobby since i dont have a tablet or anything to draw digitally, but you see i suck alot at drawing eyes so i just put dots and a line as the mouth and my characters dont have noses but anyways I have been watching adventure time alot lately and my art style has changed alot and now my characters are looking more like they came from the show but i didnt care for awhile but now i feel like a copy kitty because i havent been able to develope my own art style. Any advice?

  2. Capt. Derek says:

    I would definitely suggest finding examples of all the artists/shows/comics you like, study them, learn about the way faces, bodies, buildings, trees, clouds are drawn and copy them. Not trace, but copy the styles when trying to draw your own compositions. Every artist has their own shapes they use to build their drawings, learn from that too! I definitely learn a lot from other artist’s work, and think it may be a great place to start. HAVE FUN!

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