I bought all of the Halfshell Heroes the other day “for my son” (who is barely one year old) and my 3 year old daughter actually really liked them, so instead of having her play with them in her dollhouse that I made in very similar fashion (I let her color all the drawings on her dollhouse though), I decided to create my very own version of the Turtles lair. Enjoy!

IMG_2826Here’s the main shot of the whole thing. You can’t see it, but Shredder is standing on top of a trap door that has a slide that drops people into the dungeon below.

IMG_2827 I made a little workshop area for Raph to work on his bike or Donnie to experiment on various inventions, and you can see a nice shot of Mikey doing some halfpipe tricks in his sleeping quarters. Leatherhead stands in the kitchen, wondering who’s gonna make him a frozen pizza.



Leo faces off against a Foot Clan member in the dojo, their make-shift practice dummy is obstructed by Metalhead. I think I’m gonna draw out a section of traditional tatami mats and glue it over the regular brick pattern on this area.


Donnie and Casey enjoy some arcade games. What fun is a teenage hideout if there aren’t any video games. My comic books, “Pirate Club” and “Gamma Rae” serving as the fictional arcade game’s subjects.


Mikey contemplates releasing Dogpound from the dungeon while taking a skateboarding break.


April takes a nap on the bed while Raph tries to figure out the microwave and Donnie contemplates eating the floor Pizza.

All in all, this thing took me about 6 hours to design, cut-out, draw, color (with my daughter’s crayons) and hot glue over the course of 3 nights after I’d put the kids to bed. My daughter had fun waking up to each day’s progression and really lit up when I completed the trap door and chute to the dungeon on the last day. Although I could have done some freelance illustration/animation work and earned a lot more money than it would take to buy the proper sewer playset in half the time, this was a really fun quick project that was oddly relaxing and rewarding. Maybe I’ll build more onto it in the future…


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