Holy cow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted about my new webcomic, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s Apprentice!” Since early November, I have been updating twice a week on the adventures of Wren as she travels through a fantasy realm…with the help of our readers!

Did I mention it is a Choose Your Own Adventure comic? No? Well it is! So head over to the site and subscribe so you’ll never miss an update!

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Hey guys and gals! Here’s a huge sketch dump for y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve done any real pop culture dumps, and some of these choices may seem a little weird, but when I’m scribbling on a paper and a shape catches my eye…I go with it. It’s the only way to explain how Rambo got in here. The grizzled madman lept out of my hurried doodles despite my own surprise, “Am I really doing Rambo fanart?” Yes. I did. Check out my store to purchase the original sketches!invincible_battlebeast chapel_sketch rambo_sketch alien_sketch starfire_sketch liono_sketch elektra_sketch

Here are 3 pieces I did for the 3NES show at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Like most of the other creative professionals in my generation, our Nintendo’s were a HUGE source of inspiration and creative fuel. I spent hours upon hours finding every secret passageway in Zelda, stomping every Goomba in Super Mario Brothers, and trying to make it to Mother Brain without getting stuck in the lava with a Metroid on my head.

These games opened new worlds for me and opened my eyes to all of the little details that go into the creation of these worlds that make them seem so real, which then led me to my current position as a background designer on one of the most world-buildingest shows of all time: Adventure Time.

I will never agree with people who say playing video games is a complete waste of time…playing games made me want to be more creative. Playing games made me appreciate art on a level I never had before. Thank you, games.

Prints will be for sale starting Sept 7th on the Bottleneck Gallery website.

I’ve been doing a bunch of work on season 2 of Bravest Warriors, including the little shorts that have been airing the last couple weeks. These have been really fun to work on and I’ve gotten a chance to do a lot more of my own background painting. I’m still finding my footing, but Breehn Burns (BW director) has been super helpful. Enjoy!

Also, I should add that these first 2 were done for the most recent mini episode “Dramabug” before the final storyboards were done, so I did some big drawings of the room it takes place in that show a lot more than you see in the short.


SKY WITCH! I loved working on this one because, even though it can take FOREVER, I love to draw clutter (my apologies to our super talented colorists for that). I wish I could say to the fans that all of this clutter had secret significance to the show’s history and mythos (some of it does, if so noted by the storyboards), but it’s fun to add little nods to things for myself.

Drawn by me, colored by Sandra CallerosRon Russell, and Teri Shikasho. The show’s art director is Nick Jennings.


This show was CRAZY fun to work on. Lots of big drawings of crazy architecture. I loved it. Got to make up some cool buildings and spend WAY too much time at work after hours. But it’s fun working late nights when you know you’re working on something that’s gonna look awesome. And I was right…the painters on AT are the best and made these drawings sing.

Drawn by me, colored by Martin AnsolabehereSandra CallerosRon Russell, and Teri Shikasho. The show’s art director is Nick Jennings.


It’s been a while, I get so busy at work I don’t have time to post anything and always forget to take files home with me to post later. Enough excuses, ART!

Drawn by me, colored by Martin AnsolabehereSandra Calleros, andRon Russell. The show’s art director is Nick Jennings.