This was a super fun show to work on. Usually, the storyboards have some sort of indication of what the environments will look like, nothing crazy, but some basic elements to work with. Well, this time, the boards were very bare in that regard and I got to go nuts on the catacombs and had a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Drawn by me, colored by Martin AnsolabehereSandra Calleros, andRon Russell. The show’s art director is Nick Jennings.

Hey, guys Happy Wednesday! Remember how I used to draw comics and post them for you sometimes? Well, I’m back! Here is another issue of Lobster Ladd for your personal enjoyment. I don’t know why, but it took me a long time to draw this, half of it was done on paper, the other half on Manga Studio and I finished it like 6 months ago. I was planning to publish it and sell it at conventions, but I don’t know when the next one I’m going to is going to be…so you all win! Enjoy!

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Here’s my piece for the Blonde Grizzly’s “Saturday Morning” gallery that’s up until August 17th.

I always loved Duck Tales as a kid. In fact, after Ninja Turtles (and story-wise, perhaps more) this show informed my comic making sensibilities more than anything else. I loved the action, adventure, cool characters and treasure hunting that filled each episode. This piece involves one of the things I always thought was weird about what I remember about the show- the fact that Scrooge McDuck was always strong-arming his way into foreign cultures in search of their gold and just taking it. And God forbid the protectors of said treasure try and defend themselves least they be painted as villainous naves! Still, gotta love Duck Tales. My apologies for not including Gizmo Duck or Launchpad McQuack.

11×14 prints available from my store.

More Sketches!

It’s been a while, but I’m back! I’ve been busy with comic and cartoon making and it’s all stuff I can’t show you yet…this is the worst part of “arting”, doing secret stuff that you can’t show, thus making me worry that you all think I’m slackin on ya!


I spent the weekend drawing with tons of artists and we (of course) talked about our babies: our art supplies. Finding exciting new art supplies is one of an artists favorite things and it gets even better when you are the owner of the best new pen at “show and tell”. I let a few people use my new brush at Comic Con this last weekend and while I told them I’d e-mail a link to the brush they drooled over, I figured I’d also share my new baby with the rest of y’all! I used to be a devout Pentel Pocketbrush user, but this new Kuretake (while more expensive) is much better and worth the added price. Check it out and have fun.