I drew a new issue of Pirate Club and you can download it right this second! Price? Whatever you want it to be!

PIRATE CLUB: Karate Fighter Ultra Turbo Mega Force 5

After learning about a massive video game championship tournament, the Pirate Club devises a plan to infiltrate the arcade and relieve its geek-filled walls of their precious quarters and prize tickets. But are they up to the task of going toe to toe with a mass of video game champion players? Click below to read the rest of the story!

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It’s been a while since I’ve done some fun character drawings of Adventure Time and I thought it was about time that I remedy that atrocity. Yes, atrocity. I decided to tackle these drawing sessions with a theme as well. That theme, I guess, is “relationships”. I thought they turned out pretty fun! ATLove_FinnBubs5x7post ATLove_IKGunter5x7post ATLove_JakeRainicorn5x7post ATLove_SimonMarcy5x7post ATLove_PBMarcy8_5x11post


Holy cow, guys! More comics! As you can tell from looking at my tumblr, I looooooove to draw comics!

Well, for the last 11 years I’ve been self publishing them and sharing them online, but for the last few months I’ve been pouring over all comics of the last 11 years and now I’m ready to share them with the world in a way that I’ve never done before! In an awesome book I’m calling, “Skidmarks”!

So today I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to try and raise awareness, interest and most importantly, the funds necessary to publish these silly (yet very personal and objectively awesome) comics I’ve done over the years.

Check it out!

It’d mean the world to me if you’d spread the word by simply clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons on the page in that link (beneath the video). Just two clicks makes a HUGE difference!!



The above BG has a little inside story to it, back in high school, I was in a lot of bands, and when touring acts come through they would often stay at my parent’s house. And because Utah is a damned desert, they would often show up in near-broken-down vans and campers. I thought I would memorialize those experiences of taking bands to auto shops early in the morning in hopes that they wouldn’t miss their next tour date by putting a broken down trailer in this BG.






While it may not be obvious to most, the drawing above is a loving tribute to one of America’s greatest film treasures: Tremors. The sunken car, the lighter, the homemade bombs… the big hole on the side of the cliff. How could I draw a desert scene with a cliff face and not include some Tremors references?! I could not, obviously!



Holy cow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted about my new webcomic, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s Apprentice!” Since early November, I have been updating twice a week on the adventures of Wren as she travels through a fantasy realm…with the help of our readers!

Did I mention it is a Choose Your Own Adventure comic? No? Well it is! So head over to the site and subscribe so you’ll never miss an update!

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Hey guys and gals! Here’s a huge sketch dump for y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve done any real pop culture dumps, and some of these choices may seem a little weird, but when I’m scribbling on a paper and a shape catches my eye…I go with it. It’s the only way to explain how Rambo got in here. The grizzled madman lept out of my hurried doodles despite my own surprise, “Am I really doing Rambo fanart?” Yes. I did. Check out my store to purchase the original sketches!invincible_battlebeast chapel_sketch rambo_sketch alien_sketch starfire_sketch liono_sketch elektra_sketch