Savage Dragon (Fan Comic)
Savage Dragon is one of my favorite comic characters ever. Here is how he would act if I drew the comic every month. (Hint: Badly)
Bad Bad Guys 3 : Sparkplug
As the three friends begin to accept their fate, a superhero (of sorts) emerges to save the day! He'll probably screw up though.
Bad Bad Guys 2 : Murdermaid
In the process of destroying a murderous shit monster, three friends evoke the wrath of a Mermaid who hates humans and their stinky buttholes.
Bad Bad Guys 1 : Shitstorm
Two friends try to save their friend from the government experiments being levied against his toxic butthole. This plan is met with mixed results.
Pirate Club: Karate Fighter Ultra Turbo Mega Force 5
The Pirate Club devises a plan to infiltrate an arcade and relieve its patrons of their precious quarters.
Lobster Ladd: Rise of the Koopreghast
Lobster Ladd's needs some extra cash if he wants the lava upgrade for his scuba suit and the only way to do that is to deliver a very dead and very gargantuan Koopreghast to his sushi chef father.
Gamma Rae: Monster Bash!
Gamma Rae has to put a stop to an unstoppable lava monster before a theater full of movie goers is eaten like so much buttery popcorn!
Pirate Club: Frat Boys
A local fraternity learns that there's no such thing as getting the upper hand on the Pirate Club...they always have a trick up their sleeve that will leave you begging for mercy.
Gamma Rae: The Quest for the Living Skeleton
When all the dogs in town go missing, Gamma Rae must face some of Lavaplop Island's most feared monstrosities in order to save them!
Desert Wasteland
In a post apocalyptic future, a misfit band of marauders roam the desert in search of civilization's most saught after treasure!
Graveyard Ghoulies and the Stinky Phantom
Everyone knows that you can't fart in a graveyard on Halloween! ...Everyone but these kids, that is.
Lobster Ladd: The Seed of Dagon
In his initiation to join the legendary Fight Force Four, Lobster Ladd must defeat the evil Seed of Dagon!
Lobster Ladd & Cosmic Jones: Beach BBQ Blast-Off!
While battling a particularly gnarly sea beast, Lobster Ladd is lured into its belly by a faint cry for help. Can Lobster Ladd save the day?
Happy Man: The Evil Mr. Trixter Strikes!
Brought to you by the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the mind of a 5 year-old-little boy, Happy Man is here to save the day through kindness!
Rascal the Adventurer
In this 24 hour comic, Rascal and his pet monster go in search of buried treasure but find themselves in unfamiliar territory...
Pirate Club: Mike's Little Brother
In this 24 hour comic, Mike is forced to take his brother along on one of the Pirate Club's adventures. This yields disastrous results.
Pirate Club: The Legend of Bluedick's Ghost
When an evil spirit starts possessing the locals, the Pirate Club takes on the challenge of performing a full blown exorcism.
Pirate Club: Magic Quarters
The Pirate Club is determined to put an end to an unauthorized tax collecting route in their territory, they have no idea what kind of trouble they're getting themselves into...
Lobster Ladd 2008
In Lobster Ladd's first solo adventure he searches for his shipwrecked family and finds an unexpected ally beneath the waves.
Gamma Rae: Popgun Vol. 1
My short story from Image Comics' Popgun Anthology volume one. Gamma Rae gets sent back to earth to clean up an unsightly monster infestation.
Scrapyard Detectives: Case Files
While testing a new flying apparatus, the detectives are joined by an unexpected visitor...
Skid Marks #2
A collection of short stories including Pirate Club's DEATH BED and the first appearance of Lobster Ladd.
Teen Titans: Strike!
As the Teen Titans try to enjoy a relaxing day at the bowling alley their day off gets cut short by a robbery gone wrong.
Manny Golden is: Grounded in Space
Manny Golden is always grounded... but when his family gets stranded on a dangerous planet, Manny has to find a way to outwit his house's security system and save them.
Skid Marks #1
A collection of short stories including "Pirate Club: Old Man Winter" and my personal favorite, "A.P.E."